Sending a child into a Child Care center is a big deal. The child will be exposed to a new environment that is out of their comfort zone. Parents need to ensure that the child is safe and receive the care they need from their caregivers. How do parent’s know that the found the best child care for their child?

The following will give you a checklist in looking for the best child care.

  • Location
    The first thing should be considered is the location. Is it near your home or workplace? Be practical in choosing the location of child care center because you need to avoid traffic and being late at work. More accessible location can give ease to your daily routine as parents and you check your child if needed to.
  • Childcare with outdoor facility
    A study show that about 90% of the body’s vitamin D is produced when exposes to sunlight and too much indoor activities can cause damages in child’s sight. So whether you choose a location in the city or not it should have an outdoor facility for children to expose and experience natural sunlight.
  • Quality time even in working hours
    You can visit and have quality time with your child in your free time and times that children are allowed to be visited by their guardians. Also, if the child needs you for emergencies, you can support and still give the care they need.
  • Healthy Nutrition
    Since building up healthy mind is your concern, a child needs to have healthy foods as well. And being away from them, you need to secure that they still follow your intended meal for your child. This is the time you should be fussy in what the childcare center offers them for a meal. Is it part of your payment? If yes, where the food came from?  What program they have to educate child to have a healthy lifestyle? Can they cater the child’s dietary requirements? Some child care centers have commercial kitchens and chef’s to secure healthy and fresh meals for kids and safety conditions.
  • Programs & Education System Quality
    Of course, we aim high quality education to our child, material used in teaching, programs they attend and also how the early childhood educator are professional in their job can affect the outcome of a child’s learning. The early childhood program has to consider every child’s strength and weaknesses, focusing on what a child should be and help them to be an effective communicator, boosting their confidence, have a strong sense of well-being, and well mannered.
  • Expert Educators
    This is the most important to consider in an early childhood setting. Educators are the actual people who are with your child inside the room the whole time, so they must be well experienced. Be observant on how they work and passionate in their job. Talk to them directly and ask some questions, you can also see if they have unique strategies on how to deal with children and interact with them.

Childcare Center can be the second home of a child. It should be a fun place to learn and grow together with their educators and with the support of parents so that the kids will experience the best.


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