From the previous years and until now, schools around Australia have been funded directly by the government. The government believes that one’s success starts at a younger age, thus, children must be ready to learn from the preschool level itself.

One of the states in Australia that benefit from this increase of budget is Victoria.  In the early years up to the present, the Victoria state’s education has been continuously funded by Andrews Labor Government which provides the biggest response to homelessness and education in the Victoria state’s history. Just this year, the Victorian government has increased again the budget of the Preschools and other institutions that promote Early Childhood Education

How much budget was allotted? 

According to the Victorian budget for the year 2017-2018, a total of $202.1 million has been allotted for Early Childhood Reform Plan which aims to ensure a well- guided growth of the children. Also an additional $108.4 million has been given for Preschool and Kindergarten services to provide enough childhood facilities needed for the growth and development of the children.

Historical trend in numbers of government schools & students as of July 2017
 Year Number of Students FTE (Full Time Equivalent)
Schools Primary Secondary Special Language Total
2013 1,529 323,086.3 219,168.8 11,048.4 1,380.0 554,683.5
2014 1,526 332,016.0 219,542.7 11,550.5 2,004.0 565,113.2
2015 1,528 340,844.4 221,458.1 12,076.1 1,629.0 576,007.6
2016 1,524 350,583.1 224,221.0 12,503.5 1,601.0 588,908.6
2017 1,528 361,721.7 227,377.0 12,778.3 1,918.0 603,795.0

Table1. Summary Statistics for Victorian Schools last July 2017


Source: Summary Statistics for Victorian Schools July 2017/ DET February School Census (


With this high budget allotted by the government for the year 2017-2018 in Victoria, it can be perceived in Table 1 that the number of schools and institutions have not increased that much, however, the number of students rapidly grows. This means many young children seek assistance and support in early literacy. In addition, they are also in need of someone who could enhance their level of understanding towards learning.  Sadly, though the budget has already increased, schools are still lack of efficient teachers that would help assist younger kids with their early literacy development. In this case, many training programs have arisen that aims to help out these preschools and institutions in acquiring qualified Early Childhood Educators.

Who would support these Preschools?

Numerous organizations ascend around Australia that supports Early Childhood Education. These are known as RTO’s or registered training organizations which have helped produced Early Childhood Educators. One of the famous RTO’s that receives funds under the Victorian Government budget is the Elite Training Institute of Australia. This RTO offers CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and CHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care. They have already produced efficient Early Childcare Educators and Preschool Teachers around the state of Victoria, Queensland and even in International through the excellent training program that they provide. With the help of these RTO’s like Elite Training Institute, preschools that lack Early Childhood Educators will be accommodated then.

What benefit does the increase of Preschool’s budget provide?

Through the assistance given by the government, a lot of Kindergarten and Preschools will be able to improve their facilities. Moreover, they would able to input new materials which would help assist the learning of the young children. Also, new infrastructures will be established in primary schools which will cater children with disabilities and children with different bits of intelligence. The government itself is looking forward in assisting all children in Victoria with their educational needs from the primary level up to the secondary one.





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