Every child is a potential genius. We may not see it from them when they are still young but yes, they are genius ones. They are maybe good in arts, language, mathematics, sciences, sports, and many more. However, how are we going to develop these intelligences?  As what the father of linguistic Noam Chomsky said, a child is born with innate skills and potentials. All we need to do is to activate these and scaffold them to successfully improve it within themselves.  So how can educators do this?

In order for you to unleash the child’s potential, here are some guide tips for you!

  • Expose the child to different educational materials.
    It is normal for a child to be very curious with his or her environment. For that, you as an educator must not limit their curiosity with one specific thing alone. You must expose them to different educational materials which would encourage them to ask more questions. Also, perpetually guide them while exposing these educational materials for this will eventually direct them to their specific interests.
  • Identify the child’s interest.
    Every child has their own interests in learning, thus, educators must keenly see this from them. Identify the things that excite and motivate them in learning. However, some children get jaded easily to things that are constantly exposed to them thus educators should be observant to the attitude and character that the child shows towards learning.
  • Give emphasis to the child’s interest.
    Once educators have already identified the interest of the child, give emphasis and importance to it. Do this thru supporting the child with his or her interest. Provide them the necessary materials that they need towards the improvement of these interests. Do not deprive them in learning. Allow them to discover more about their interest through exposing them to advance stages of learning.
  • Let the child join in clubs.
    Educators must expose the child to organizations that share the same interests with him or her. Through that, they will not feel different from other children. Also, they would be able to interact more through discussions and applications. Moreover, they can exchange their thoughts and ideas with each other easily too.
  • Encourage the child to be competitive.
    One way of improving the child’s intelligence towards his or her interest is thru allowing him to compete locally, nationally, and internationally. Educators must coach the child in becoming better towards his interest. Through this, the child will be able to hone his skills and abilities which would be beneficial as they grow. However, make sure not to put pressure on to him or her. Developing their intelligences with their interests must stay fun and meaningful.
  • Make learning fun for the child.
    As an educator, make sure to keep learning fun for him or her. Bear in mind that putting pressure to them will make them lose interest in what they are doing. Make learning easy for them. Let them take part in meaningful activities that focus on their interests.

Every child is indeed a potential genius. All we need to do is discover their interests. Also, following the guide tips above would surely help us and the educators in developing the intelligences that children have in them. It may be difficult to meet but through patience, perseverance, and enthusiasm it would be possible to produce another genius.


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