Early childhood educators inspire leadership when they encourage the children to experiment, explore, discover, think, decide, learn, lead, hurt, love, challenge, dream, believe, choose, pretend, share, speak, listen, breathe, play, create and engage.

The ability to inspire kids is something we expect childhood educators will do. These are some specific behaviors that a child educator must acquire in order to be effective:

  1. Encourage High Expectations

    Encourage the children to aim high and you should always recognize their efforts.

  2. Encourage Cooperation among Students

    Make group activities. By this, you are encouraging the children to work together and to build the so-called teamwork.

  3. Emphasize Timeliness

    Encourage rehearsals of oral presentations, and encourage steady work and sensible time management.

  4. Give Prompt Feedback

    Prepare classroom activities that give feedbacks and present detailed evaluations of their work starting early in the term. Give them pre-tests to assess their background about the subject.

  5. Encourage Child-Teacher Contact

    Be approachable, try to communicate towards the kids, listen to their thoughts and appreciate their individual talents and skills.

  6. Encourage Involvement

    Give activities to them and let them perform in class. In this way, you are enhancing their confidence and making them realize that they can do a certain activity.

As an early childhood educator, you are a great part of every young minds development. Aside from parents, childhood teachers are also the one who mold the children to unleash their great potentials, which motivates and gives them the confidence to think to themselves that they can do greater things beyond.

Each of us needs to take the responsibility in promoting leadership. Inspirations arise from a set of behaviors that communicates passion and enthusiasm, personally engages students and supports them in realizing their higher aspirations.


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